Leverage Equipment Finance Business

Smart business owners know how to leverage equipment to finance their businesses.

Most business owners start at their bank when seeking funds for their business.  They should do this if the cost of the capital is the most important.  The bank loans your own money back to you. Banks minimize risk this way.

What happens when the bank says, “no”? What do you do then?  Call that cash advance lender back that has been bugging you to make money. Even though you don’t want a daily withdrawal from your account?  Finally, you call your rich uncle?

You can use equipment to finance your business.

Using equipment to finance your business is a great choice.  Oftentimes, you may not find it obvious.  The workhorses of the small and medium-sized businesses are the machinery and equipment that is out there generating revenue for you.  Why not give them double duty and use them as collateral to fuel the business further to fund purchase order financing, inventory financing, expansion, working capital, etc?

You can leverage equipment to finance your business. Furthermore, it is different than any form of financing out there.  The majority of banks do not do it.  It’s a specialty type of financing that takes equipment that you own outright,  or have enough equity in and uses it as collateral to give you longer terms and better rates than other types of financing.

The process of leveraging equipment to finance your business is straightforward:

  1. The borrower provides a list of the equipment they are willing to use as collateral.
  2. An asset specialist previews your equipment to ensure will hold its value.
  3. An appraisal is conducted by an independent, third-party appraisal firm of the lender’s choice and paid for by a similar to a home appraisal.
  4. The lender moves into documenting the transaction and clearing any stipulations that come up such as  UCC filings, judgments, and any other encumbrances that may be on the equipment.
  5. Final docs are signed and the borrower receives their money.

Most programs that leverage equipment to finance your business can be done without consideration of credit score, cash flow, time in business (we can do startups), etc.  As long as you have equity in solid machinery and equipment we can get it done.