Heavy Machinery Sale Leaseback

Heavy Machinery Sale  Leaseback

Asset-based Lending

Receive an offer for a heavy machinery sale leaseback. Firstly, complete a request online. After that, receive an offer in your inbox. Offer made will be based on existing asset values.

Equipment Types

Heavy machinery sale and leasebackFirstly, heavy machinery can cover a many types of assets. Below are the common types of heavy machinery covered. In addition, this is not an complete list. There are other asset types lenders finance not covered here.

For starters, lenders can make an offer on most asset types. However, heavy machinery generally applies to heavy duties. In addition, these assets have restricted mobility.  For example, Rubble Master is a good example. 

General Guidelines

Every deal can be different. However, here are a few guidelines for sale and leaseback.

Firstly, deal sizes range from $50,000 to $5,000,000. This very similar to most asset types. 

Secondly, terms range from three to five years. However, for heavy assets this term can be longer.

Thirdly, the current liquid value creates the finance amount. Generally, this is a 2:1 ratio. In addition, this ratio can be higher based on the asset.

Receiving an offer is easy. To get started, please complete the leaseback request form. A lender will make you an offer in 2 working days.

Benefits of Sale and Leaseback

Many reasons exist to use a sale and leaseback. However, each business is different. And your reasons may vary. Please check with your advisor.

Firstly, it allows a quick increase of cash into the business.

Secondly, tax benefits can be a huge advantage. This will depend on the deal structure.

Thirdly, credit is not required to receive an offer. Total amount offered is based on value of assets.

In conclusion, you can find out how much you qualify for using our request form.

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