Construction Equipment Sale Leaseback

Construction Equipment Sale Leaseback

Asset-based lending

Request a construction equipment sale leaseback today. Afterwards, keep your assets in use and inject cash into your business. First, request a leaseback offer using our form. Next, supply your list of assets. You may also upload a file. Finally, a lender will send you an offer within 2 work days.

Lenders accept most asset types. Furthermore, no credit scoring is made.

Equipment Types

Construction equipment sale and leaseback bulldzoerLenders work with all company and owner types.  Get an offer within 2 work days. First, request a leaseback offer.

Next, after you have started the form, list out your assets. You can enter them into the form. In addition, you can also upload a file.

Lenders lend on most construction assets. From Deere to Cat, a program will be available. First, submit your equipment list. Afterwards, a lender will provide an offer.


General Guidelines

Every situation can be different. However, here are a few guidelines for sale and leaseback.

First, deal sizes range from $50,000 to $5,000,000. However, sometimes exceptions can be made.

Second, terms range from two to seven years. On average, terms are usually three years

Third, the current liquidation value is what determines the finance amount. In conclusion, this is usually a 2:1 ratio.

To receive an offer, please complete the leaseback request form and a lender will make you an offer.

Benefits of Sale and Leaseback

There are many reasons to make use of a sale and leaseback. However, each business is different and reasons may vary.

Firstly, it allows the business to inject capital into the business quickly.

Secondly, a business can take advantage of tax benefits. This depends on the deal structure.

Thirdly, a business can qualify without credit. The total amount is based on asset value, not owner’s credit.

In conclusion, find out how much you can qualify for using our request form.

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