Equipment Sale Leaseback information

What is Sale Leaseback?

An equipment sale leaseback is a financial transaction where a company sells its owned equipment to a leasing company and then immediately leases it back. In this arrangement, the company essentially becomes the lessee, gaining immediate access to cash by selling its equipment while retaining the right to use it through a lease agreement.

This strategic financial maneuver provides businesses with a valuable liquidity injection without compromising their ability to use the essential equipment required for operations. The company that originally owned the equipment benefits from a cash infusion, which can be used for various purposes such as debt reduction, expansion, or working capital.

The leaseback component allows the business to continue using the equipment, often under a predetermined lease term with regular lease payments. This approach is particularly beneficial for companies that need capital for growth or other financial needs but want to maintain operational continuity without the burden of ownership. Overall, equipment sale-leaseback transactions offer a flexible and efficient way for businesses to unlock capital tied up in their assets, optimize cash flow, and maintain the use of critical equipment necessary for day-to-day operations.


Equipment sale leaseback

We review all forms of construction equipment for leaseback.


Equipment sale leaseback

We review all trucks and semi-trailers. We include most specialty vehicles, buses, and motor coaches.

Heavy Machinery:

Equipment sale leaseback

You can lease back most large pieces of equipment and heavy machinery.
An equipment sale-leaseback is a finance tool to sell your equipment to a lender. After that, you can use the cash proceeds for your business. You lease back the equipment over an agreed period. Moreover, you can reclaim ownership at the end of the lease.
In conclusion, an equipment leaseback is a great tool. It allows you to inject cash flow into your business. Meanwhile, you can keep your equipment operational. To sum it up, you get cash while keeping your equipment.

sale-leaseback Offer in 2 days or less:

Provide your funding request, asset list, and desired terms. After that, you will receive an offer within 2 business days.
Furthermore, equipment leaseback programs are based solely on your assets’ value. No credit requirements or credit checks.
Use the button below to request an offer. Next, we will reply with an offer.

Step 1 –

Equipment Sale-Leasebacks List

First, hit the “Request an Offerbutton. You will
provide a list of equipment. In addition, you can also upload an equipment
list. After that, your info will be sent to our lenders. Only basic contact
info is required for the offer.

Next, after your equipment list is received, the
underwriting team will review equipment values. Meanwhile, if they have any
questions you will receive a request for more information. To summarize,
underwriters email requests as needed.

After the lender completes a review, you will receive an
offer in your email inbox. Your offer will arrive in as little as 2 business
days. After that, you can move forward with your offer. However, most offers
contain an approval window. It would be best if you took advantage of the offer. Otherwise, it
will expire. Next, you would have to submit a new request.