Trucking Sale Leaseback

Trucking Sale and Leaseback

Collateral-based Funding

Use a trucking sale and leaseback program to inject capital into your trucking business. A decision is made solely based on your fleet value. Lenders make an offer based on the appraised value. First, request an offer for an equipment leaseback. Then, supply your fleet list in the form. You may also upload a file. Finally, you will receive an offer in about 2 business days.

Our customers

Our trucking leaseback customersOur lenders work with all trucking fleets. This includes owner-operators, highway fleets, and private fleets. Secondly, lenders also work with leasing and commercial vehicle dealers.

In addition, we accept referrals from partners as well. If you are a likely partner, we want to work with you.

In summary, if you use Class 6, 7, or 8 vehicles, we can work with you.


From Peterbilt to Volvo, almost all trucking types qualify. Most trucking manufacturers and fleet vehicles will be considered. However, there are some exceptions. To learn more, request an offer for an equipment leaseback. After you complete the form, the lender will send an offer.

Advantages of Trucking Sale Leaseback

First, leasing fleet vehicles can be more attractive than owning from a cash-flow perspective.

Second, selling your fleet to a lender creates a cash injection immediately. Then, you can use this money for expenses.

Third, consolidate your current loans and leases. For example, if your company has many finance programs. You may want to consolidate all vehicles in your fleet. You can combine them into one lease. Ultimately, this might be the right choice.

Fourth, leaseback programs do not require a credit decision. The leaseback can be structured based solely on the value of your fleet.

Finally, trucking leasebacks can help with asset lifecycle as well. This will depend on your goals. For example, you can rotate older assets into new leases.

In conclusion, many benefits come from a trucking leaseback. However, it is import to consult your advisor on your unique situation.

Fleet Size

Programs are available for all fleet sizes. Lenders work with sizes of 1, 100 or 1000 vehicles. A trucking leaseback might be the right solution for your business. As always, it’s crucial to follow your goals with any finance program. Ultimately, a sale and leaseback can be a great solution for your individual needs.

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