About YellowIronLender.com

YellowIronLender.com exists to connect business owners with lenders. Specifically, business owners with assets looking for a sale and equipment Leaseback program.

Firstly, the sale and leaseback program is unique. Secondly, finding the correct lender can be difficult. Therefore, YellowIronLender.com was created to make it easier.

Our team consists of lenders and finance pros. In addition, our tech team delivers your offer faster.

Request an offer today!

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What to expect

Firstly, you will start an online request here.

Secondly, enter your asset list on the form. In addition, you can also upload a file.

Thirdly, the lender will review your file. If the lender has any questions they will email you.

Finally, the lender will send an offer within 2 working days.